These are the top TV shows that are currently in production according to Doug Cooke.


Ancient Aliens (History Channel)
Giorgio and his prominent hair
The best program currently airing is hosted by Giorgio Tsoukalis, who has the greatest hair of any man on TV.  He’s also a modern day Indiana Jones, along with many on the staff of this show.  Foremost, what could be more interesting than finding out how extra-terrestrials shaped the history of the earth?  It’s about time a network and a producer both had the fortitude to uncover some truths about alien intervention in the history of humanity and earth. Taking on a subject that can no longer be reasonably laughed off, this production investigates historical artifacts and stories to find evidence of extra-terrestrials and what role they have had in the development of  this planet.


NCIS all-star cast
Uh oh, another crime show? Yes, but it’s actually NOT part of the CSI franchise, which has the same rape-murder cases on every episode, which are apparently easier sells than reality. In the NCIS series, Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauly Perrette, and others make up a fun and believable cast who investigate literally hundreds of different ways that Naval and Marine Corps personnel get killed.

Unlike CSI or Law and Order, middle class white men raping women isn’t the only cause of death.  It’s usually a new cause of death every time! Talk about 1001 ways to die, this show has it, and the NCIS staff will figure it out for your every time.

Unlike the morbidly serious cops on CSI and LAO, the characters in NCIS actually have personalities. Instead of taking themselves too seriously, they have humor, strengths and weaknesses, like normal humans.  Created by Donald Bellisario, who also brought us Magnum PI, Airwolf, Quantum Leap, and JAG, some of the best shows of the 20th.


Psych (USA network)
Hilarious cast of Psych
Shawn Spencer, who would introduce himself as “the lead psychic for the Santa Barbara police department,” is actually a sharp, quirky, and witty detective who has uncanny skills of observation and recollection.  Trained by his police investigator father (Corbin Bernsen) from an early age, Shawn developed extraordinary abilities to observe and remember everything he sees.  Shawn uses this photographic memory to solve difficult cases that nobody else can, but attributes his conclusions to psychic abilities that allow him to “sense” when and where people did what.

James Roday, who plays Shawn, is charming, clever, amusing, and even convincing as the fake psychic who doesn’t take anything in life very seriously.  His sidekick, played by Dule Hill, is Gus, a neat and orderly pharmaceutical salesman who is Shawn’s best friend from childhood, and contributes some of his OCD skills like organization to the Psych business.

Timothy Omundson is also hilarious as the quintessential cop “Lassie,” who takes himself and his job way too seriously, has no sense of humor, and is basically a caricature of himself.  Maggie Lawson lends her very good looks to the equation as Lassie’s junior partner “Jules.”  The show is a mix of drama and comedy, and is quite humorous unless your sense of humor depends on a laugh track.

The program also recruits random guest stars for various episodes, mostly current or former actors, and even rock stars.  Guests that have appeared include Freddie Prinze Jr, Ally Sheedy, Michael Rooker, Judd Nelson, Kurt Fuller, Peter Weller, Cary Elwes, Ralph Macchio, and Curt Smith from Tears for Fears.

In fact,  C.Thomas Howell, Franka Potente, Nestor Carbonell, and Jon Gries all appeared in one episode. Others that have returned for several episodes include Cybill Shepherd (Shawn’s mom) and hottie Rachel Leigh Cook as a romantic interest for Shawn.  This season, William Shatner is expected to be among the guest stars, along with Malcolm Mcdowell.


UFO Hunters (History, formerly UFO Files)
Bill Birnes, Expert Ufologist
Various ufologists, led by Bill Birnes (also on Ancient Aliens), tell you when and where UFO’s were sighted or landed and how many people saw it and admitted it, versus the government that always denies it.  They take you around the world with witnesses, recorded airplane comm, radar evidence, and of course to Area 51.  In the “Lights over Phoenix” episode, former Arizona Governor Symington admits he saw the UFO along with many others, and his attempt to get answers from the government was met with a cover-up.  Deniers may scoff, but the fact is that millions of people have seen flying objects they could not identify.  This program attempts to give people answers.


The Universe (Science Channel)
Amy Mainzer <3 <3
Amy Mainzer, perhaps the cutest scientist you’ll ever see (and not just in a nerdy way), is among the team of planetary and astronomic PHD’s in this information series.  She’s currently working on a project for NASA, but they let her out of the planetarium long enough to appear on TV shows.   This program describes how the universe, solar system and planets were formed, and what they’re doing now, in both scientific and laymans terms.  This is info you won’t get without reading millions of pages, getting a doctorate, or sticking your nose into telescopes that you don’t have legal access to.  In other words, you can’t get all of this info unless you’re the entitled few or elite scientists.   Or you could just watch the show.


UFO’s On the Record (History)

Various people go on the record (hence the name) on their sightings of UFO’s, USO’s and what it meant to them and their colleagues.  This show is obviously not for UFO deniers, who apparently lack the intelligence to comprehend that millions of people have seen flying objects they could identify.


Warehouse 13 (SyFy)
Warehouse 13 cast with hotties
A completely fictional but entertaining show about Secret Service agents reassigned to a secret warehouse in the middle of nowhere which contains historical artifacts with magical properties.  Their mission is to protect these artifacts and find more of them that are out on the loose, because many of them have dangerous magical properties that could be catastrophic in the wrong hands.



Note:  Falling Skies and Terra Nova are currently under review but no determination has yet been made.


No, there aren’t many shows on the list, but there aren’t many worth watching either.  Last decade we had only a few worth watching also, such as 24 and Lost, and last century featured the X-Files, Seinfeld, and other great shows.  Unless Hollywood acquires some more creativity, the list will likely never be more than a handful of programs.


Mr. Cooke is the co-creator and producer of the first and longest running fantasy sports TV show ever, called Fantasy Sports Review, a program which he occasionally appears on as a guest analyst, primarily for football and horse racing.  Cooke also created Real Deal Politics, now an internet blog/vlog, and has appeared on other national shows on an occasional basis.

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