Doug Cooke is perhaps best known for his moniker “The IT Guy” which was inherited as a longtime professional in the technology industry.  Since his retirement as an IT professional, Doug has stayed on the cutting edge of technology and is now known as one of the premier internet marketers in the industry, having started several successful product marketing companies and sites.

A former soldier, Doug is an educated thinker, philosopher, artist, athlete, patriot and all around renaissance man, in an age where such men are hard to find.  Educated in Aerospace Engineering and Math at Virginia Tech, Cooke is also a classically trained pianist who plays regularly.  Other interests include football, horse racing, kiteboarding, space exploration, history, reading, and writing.

Currently Doug is working on a futuristic novel based on recent developments and his proven ability to predict future events through historical and macroscopic analysis of the ever changing state of the world.  Although fictional in nature, many of the events in the book are expected to transpire in the next few years.

Doug currently resides on Terra Firma and is looking into moving to Mars for a while to explore the remains of ancient civilizations which lived there.  The mission to Mars will likely need to be done privately, since the government will have trouble approving of such a manned mission, much less supporting it.

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