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Baby Driver (2017) – 4 stars

As someone who audits movies and trailers every week, I’ve seen this trailer several hundred times, claiming 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, which has since fallen to 97%, but still an excellent rating. The main problem is that most of the movie is given away in the trailer, and the ridiculouslessness of a the main male character being named Baby. The only items left to the imagination are: 1. What happens with the young innocent romance, and 2. Which bad guys, if any, redeem themselves at the end, if they make it that long. Hint: some of them do. Overall, it’s a good solid movie with a cute love story and some great car chases and crashes. The problem we face now is that some airhead millennials, already partially detached from reality via their iphones, will now be wearing headphones while driving, thinking it’s cool, and cause even more accidents than they do already.

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