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The True Origin of the Universe, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Explained

The True Origin of the Universe, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Explained

In recent years, there has been a plethora of programming on TV about the beginning of the universe, with the Science, Discover, History, and National Geographic Channels seemingly trying to outdo each other as to how many shows they can produce on the issue. I have watched most of these shows, and find most of them entertaining.

The reasoning for the exponential increase in such programming is not necessarily correlated to an increased understanding by physical scientists on the issue, because they are very much in a state of chaotic disagreement about the beginning of the universe and the Unified Theory that they all seek. Rather, the increase is simply due to demand.

More of the common (non-scientist) population is interested in this topic, not because they really want to know how it began, which is probably irrelevant to what they really desire to know, which is how the earth will end. (The scientific consensus is that the earth as we know it will end long before the universe does. Look at planets such as Mercury and Mars for evidence of that.)

Back on topic, the once generally accepted, but far from proven, Big Bang Theory is now being challenged and reconsidered by many physical scientists around the world. In Stephen Hawking’s initial book on the universe, A Brief History of Time, he broke down the evidence and eventually decided that such Big Bang required a creator. Later he waffled on the issue and apparently still hasn’t made up his mind.

The main problem with many scientists of the entire spectrum of studies is that they refuse to accept a creator, or anything that has to do with the spiritual world, even if it offers the best support for their scientific laws and theories. Those that have an open mind, that understand the concepts, and can see the big picture, are more likely to find answers. That is why I am here.

The most popular theories now on the beginning of the universe refer to another universe giving birth to ours either via a black hole, or by a “Big Bounce” in which the old universe collapsed on itself and then exploded again much like the Big Bang. There are other similar theories involving other universes giving birth to ours somehow.

Of course these theories do not really satisfy those asking the question, “Where did it all come from?” But the reason scientists came up with such postulates is that they know that something cannot come from nothing. They know inherently and by scientific law that it is not possible for existence to come from non-existence. So they go out on some limbs and attempt to use various principles of quantum physics to explain the unexplained.

Nobody really knows exactly how or why gravity works, we just know that the larger an astronomic body, the more gravity it produces. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity offered the best explanation: that large bodies cause a bending of the space-time continuum; a warp which causes smaller bodies to basically roll downhill toward it. Einstein obviously had some advanced knowledge of the subject…

The notion of an inexplicable “singularity” causing the Big Bang, that is most likely infinitely small, and therefore somewhat unacceptable scientifically, is brought up frequently in such discussions. Such a singularity would be required at the beginning of the Big Bang, and is likely present at the center of black holes, which have a gravity that cannot be escaped even by light.

When the black hole is done consuming everything in its path, all the matter and energy it consumed presumably lies in this singularity (if it’s not spewing forth another “baby universe” as one of the current theories purports.) This singularity is a big problem for scientists because it is too small for the matter which it contains, and basically all of the scientific laws that we know of break down in this case.

Another item astrophysicists have had a large problem with is the rate of expansion of the universe. In order for it to expand at the current rate at all, and not completely come apart at the seams already, there has to be a large amount of mass that is not detectable by their telescopes. This was first labeled “dark matter” just within the last couple of decades.

Now it is generally accepted by the scientific community, that if the laws of science are to be followed, there is also “dark energy” that binds the universe, and in fact is the predominant source of the mass of the universe, checking in at around 70%. Dark matter is thought to represent about 20% of universal mass, and the visible planets and stars only around 5%.

That’s 95% of the mass in the universe that scientists have no real explanation for! They just call it “dark matter and energy,” and rotate their existing laws and theories around having this invisible matter present. It is interesting to say the least, but once again it does not satisfy those asking what it is and where it came from.

Now we know that this “dark” energy and matter has to be out there somewhere, in order for physics as we know it to hold up. The dark matter most likely consists of objects such as planets or structures and probably beings that live in another dimension than our own universe that are not detectable by our means.

Dark energy might be better described as “universal energy.” Think about the Star Wars movie series. In this fictional series, there is a mysterious “Force” that can be tapped into by certain types of people, most of which are either good or evil but none seem to be in between. This dark energy could be almost the exact same type of force.

Recent discoveries in psychology and neuroscience have revealed a correlation between thought patterns and at least the perception of reality of the thinker. The recent and controversial “Secret” media proclaimed in no uncertain terms, that the old philosophy of “mind over matter” is basically true. According to this theory, a person’s thoughts determine their reality.

If the theories of Universal Energy and Mind over Matter are both true, don’t they complement each other perfectly? A person’s thoughts have this immense power because they are being sent across the universe to this unseen energy force, which apparently has the power to grant reality to the thoughts. This is currently an unprovable concept but it is generally accepted by social scientists and its implications are immense.

That opens another can of worms doesn’t it? What exactly is this dark, or as I call it, Universal Energy, that has the power to converse with the thoughts of ordinary people? If it is as depicted in Star Wars, it is basically the life force of the universe. Not only does it physically hold the universe together, and expanding at a reasonable rate, but we can also interact with it. How is that possible, and where did it come from?

To answer that, we now need to apply another law of physics, once known as the Conservation of Mass, now known generally as Conservation of Mass and Energy. Mass and energy are basically interchangeable as we now know. Your car can burn gas, and it will disappear from your tank, but in return your engine will produce the energy needed to propel your vehicle. Furthermore, if your car explodes, it will provide quite a spectacle in terms of light and heat!

In reality, we know that the gasoline turns into some other chemicals as well as energy, but it is a somewhat inefficient process. In our Sun, most of the fusion of the hydrogen matter is converted into energy, with helium as a stable byproduct. Contrarily, when a star explodes, its energy produces masses of molecules that it blows out into the universe, that condense into clouds that form stars and planets.

Conservation of Energy and Mass basically dictates that neither mass nor energy can be destroyed; rather, they can only be converted to one or the other. This is where scientists have problems with the Big Bang and singularities, but only because of their closed minds.

The universe obviously didn’t come from nothing; that’s impossible, and defies every physical law that we know of. The universe is now made out of mostly mass, but according to scientists it is still over 75% “dark” energy. I contend that the universe was produced by the same energy that currently makes up the majority of its mass.

The Genesis document is a very unscientific and basic account of the creation of our world, and was certainly written so that it could be understood by even the dumbest of earthly inhabitants at its time of its writing. The author obviously didn’t quite understand the intent of the creation revelation either, as he got the sequence incorrect. No self-respecting God would create the Earth before the Sun; otherwise our planet would just be a frozen ball of nothing. (I have nothing against the Genesis document but it simply cannot be taken as scientifically accurate.)

However, we all know that humans have always been arrogant, and earth-centric, and in fact until about 500 years ago, all believed that the Sun orbited the Earth, a notion that we would scoff at today. But people at the time were punished for believing otherwise at that time. The first line of Genesis should have been the third: “Let there be light,” or, in modern terms, “Let there be a Big Bang of light and energy that creates the universe, including all the stars and the Sun.”

The rest of the creation of our planet and inhabitants is for another chapter, but our universe had to have come from some form of mass and/ or energy. Since there was “nothing” at the beginning, or some singularity that was infinitely small in terms of mass and size, the universe had to have come from energy, unless there was some form of mass already present, which there is no evidence for.

The main reason that scientists decided that “dark energy” had to exist in our universe is that such energy doesn’t have to occupy space; in other words it can just be there without necessarily physically interfering with other matter. This is a layman’s translation of the energy in question.

It is my contention that the Universal Energy was all that existed before the beginning of our universe. It did not take up any space as we know it, and it did not have to worry about time, for it had all the time in the universe. The energy decided to create a universe, or perhaps multiple universes, using some of its ample energy to distribute, in our terms, an enormous amount of mass that occupies 5% of our universe.

Now you may be thinking: that sounds like I just said that God created the universe. What is the difference? Clearly, our universe had a creator that had something in mind when it converted what turns out to be only 25% or possibly less, of its energy, into what we know as our physical universe.

God, Universal Energy, The Force, they are different names for the same entity. They are a mass of energy spanning our universe, that created our universe, and that, most likely, if they have any interest in their creation, actively manage our universe.

Millions of people each day of different religions “pray” to some unseen Force that they believe will answer their prayers. In fact, most of them believe that the larger their numbers, the more intense their message will be to the God that is listening, and thus the higher probability their prayer will be answered.

Why would a majority of people on the planet participate in such a ritual? Why do the collaborative authors and followers of The Secret believe that sending out certain thoughts to the Universe will magically make those thoughts become reality? Why do most people on our planet believe that sending their thoughts out to the unknown actually have any effect? Perhaps, because it is true.

If the Universal God Energy Force created our universe out of itself, and still makes up about three-fourths of our universe, it stands to reason that the God is still actively involved in our universe and responsive to the intelligent life forms that are its inhabitants. In fact, it would seem most likely that this God would be concerned about the creatures of his own creation.

This mysterious Energy Force, which is all but proven by physicists to exist, could be our God, or it could be a combination of God and some of his minions which are solely spiritual beings, as represented in biblical and mythological texts. They could be known as angels, demons, or ghosts, or again some combination thereof.

What happens to people when they die anyway? Their matter disintegrates into the earth, or gets burned, etc. What happens to their energy? What about all the moving particles that are still in motion at the time of death and thereafter? Do they somehow disappear? Or do they become “dark energy”? After all, we know that energy and matter are both conserved somehow.

Using this theory, we can shine more light on the “dark matter.” As discussed before, it is most likely a part of the creation of the universe, in the form of structures and beings, that for some reason the Force didn’t give us the ability to detect (yet). It is quite possible that at some point our scientists will have a breakthrough allowing us to see this matter. It may be just as likely that if they don’t want us to see it then we never will, or our time will come before our technology does enable that to happen.

I realize this is difficult for some people, mixing science and religion. But keep in mind; I didn’t propose any religion here. What religion is it that adheres to the facts and beliefs as I have presented them? None. Coming full circle, I have simply solved a problem, with the help of Albert Einstein, George Lucas, and other great physicists, authors, and philosophers of the modern era.

All I have done is solve a simple problem that cannot be resolved by leading physicists because they blindly and unilaterally throw away the possibility of a creator and spiritual beings (those which consist of pure energy) even though all of their evidence points to such, and if in fact it remains the only real possibility.

Remember: the main problem that these brilliant but stubborn scientists have had with their theories is that something cannot come from nothing, but they refuse to explain it. The same “dark energy” that they accuse of being out there, is probably the same energy that is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the universe as we know it. “Dark?” I would recommend renaming it.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

Now we need to think of those who despise all religion and, more importantly, any evidence of Creation. Those who choose to believe that DNA evolved by itself, which by all means seems to be a scientific impossibility, and possibly insane, are at odds now. For example, how does a single cell organism decide to create a double-helix molecule to propagate itself? It doesn’t happen in nature, and never has.

The double helix cannot create itself, and by all scientific means, cannot invent itself. Unless every molecule and protein is in the right place, it will do nothing, and thus not propagate. And unless the proper procreative requirements are met, the DNA will fail. DNA is the only thing we know of that can actually propagate life, and has no known ability to create itself. (Sorry atheists)

So we have come full circle to Creation. Some people will continue to scoff at our creators, and claim that we have appeared here on this earth by chance. I disagree. They have really zero evidence in favor of that argument, and in fact, the only true evidence we have is that the same Creator which designed the DNA of every existing life form on Earth. That to me, is the only reasonable possibility.

In closing, I would like to propose to those who are still in doubt, or anyone in general, to give some respect to our Creator(s). I believe that scoffing at them, or claiming that they have nothing to do with our existence, is most likely a severe sin. Personally, I will not participate in such disrespect of whoever is responsible for our existence, but since they have given us free will, you are free to do so as you desire.

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