How to Drive to Maximize Time, Efficiency, and Happiness

My favorite book is not surprisingly, written by Doug Cooke. It’s called: How to Drive: The Drivers Book on Maximizing Fuel Economy, Time, Efficiency, and Happiness on the Road.

Because of rising fuel prices and increasing traffic, it’s important for the average driver to know some techniques and strategies for saving time, gas, money, and grief on the road. This book has it all: how to drive in the city, the country, the freeway, and maximize your efficiency and happiness.

How to Drive: The Drivers Book on Maximizing Fuel Economy, Time, Efficiency, and Happiness on the Road.

This book takes you on an entertaining journey through various facets of driving, explaining different tactics and how each of the methods revealed will save you gas, time, grief, money, or all of the above. The complete information contained in this volume is unobtainable from departments of motor vehicles (DMV’s), most driving classes, or any other single site.

While many of ideas in this book are available on the internet for free in some fashion or another, a person will not find all of them in one place, other than this book. In addition, most people would probably never even look for some of these notions because they are unaware that they exist. But you will find all of the important driving tactics you need right here.

We are now in an era where gas prices continue to soar, and many people are feeling the weight of tough economic times. Most people simply cannot afford to drive around in an inefficient manner anymore, and something needs to be done about that. Each of us can do our part by improving our driving, and government can also help by making our highway systems more efficient.

So the problem of achieving highly economical driving is far from solved right now. But there are ways that everyone can drive more efficiently, which is one of the main reasons for this book. This manual is not intended as a replacement for mechanical driving basics and regulations; we will leave that to DMV’s and driving instruction schools.

This is an ideal read for beginning drivers have recently obtained a license, or will soon, so that they can learn how to drive properly, without angering other people on the road or causing accidents.

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